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How To Play

In reality there are just three-steps to taking part in the Online Rugby League (ORL) Premiership.

Become a Coach
Learn how to play, then become a coach of your very own ORL Premiership side.
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Send Weekly Tactics
Send your weekly line up & team tactics!
Learn what Team Tactics are!
Chase Premiership Glory
Keep an eye on your results as you chase the ORL Premiership!
Where do you stand?


By joining the coaching ranks of the Online Rugby League (ORL) you are being approved a license to join our upcoming online premiership season. You will immediately be responsible for the geographical location, club colours and naming your home ground.

With your Salary Cap in mind, you will begin to cast your eye on the talent available for the upcoming ORL Draft in which you will have your first opportunity to sign players to your new franchise. Following the draft, you will have the opportunity to discuss trades with other teams, while filling out your roster with undrafted players from the player pool.

All players are rated out of 10 in various aspects of the game of Rugby League, these include their attacking and defensive ability, as well as ratings for goal kicking and kicking in general play with the higher the number being the better their ability in that discipline.

Ryan Papenhuyzen Attack: 10 | Defence: 6 | Goal Kicking: 7 | General Kicking: 9
Tohu Harris Attack: 8 | Defence: 8 | Goal Kicking: 1 | General Kicking: 1


Each week as the coach you will be responsible to name your line up for those upcoming weeks game, as well as providing the game plan to your troops – these are known as your weekly Team Orders.

A Full Explanation of the Team Orders can be found here.

(This is the cool part where the simulator does its magic!)

The simulator will then put your team line up against your oppositions. It will take your game plan and battle it against your oppositions – and on match day when the results are posted a set-by-set commentary is provided that will make you feel you are in the coaches’ box riding each and every possession.


Chase Premiership Glory

Watch your side, read the reports and check the ladder each and every week throughout the Premiership as you try and claim Premiership Glory.

Look through your side for injuries or form slumps before naming your next line up.